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Welcome to Koala Home Improvements

We hope you enjoy browsing our new & improved website!

Here at Koala Home Improvements we have a range of high quality products for business and home use. Custom built wardrobes and kitchens, retractable pleated screens, indoor and outdoor furniture, decking and other plastic composites suitable for a wide range of projects.

Our retractable pleated flyscreens have gone through an entensive R&D program to ensure the working mechanisms are manufactured to the highest engineering standards. The mesh used in our flyscreens are also designed to stand up to the many weather conditions our Australian climate can throw at us. Along with these design features, our screens also do the most important thing: keep out those annoying flies and mozzies!

If you're looking at having a deck built, you can't go past our advanced engineered composite decking. It looks and feels great to walk on, is UV stabalized against fading, easy to clean and comes with a twenty year warranty. Not sure what Co-extrusion is? Click this link to get more details: Co-extrusion Decking Explained.

How about some shipwreck furniture? With each piece built from the timber of old sailing ships that have been salvaged from the ocean floor. Submerged for hundreds of years, no 2 pieces of timber are the same and these are turned into beautifull hand crafted furniture. Why not take home a slice of histroy. 

We are constantly finding new products, like our fantastic Marble Tables and Chairs which will be in stock very shortly (Check out the video below for a sneak peek and these beautiful pieces.




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About Us

Here at Koala Home Improvements we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and services. We are ALWAYS honest and upfront in our dealings with customers, be they an individual, business or part of a local govermnet council. All of our products come guaranteed, as does any work we do (please check individual products for their specific guarantees).

Koala Home Improvements is a family run business now based in the Wimmera, Victoria. We have over 30 years experience within the Building, Construction and Mining sectors. In 2006 we started importing building materials for our own projects and as word got around of the quality of the products we were using, we gradually expanded to doing small projects for others. Now we have started a new venture: providing a range of high quality home improvements products, including composite decking, plastic composites and custom built kitchens and wardrobes to people, businesses and local government departments around Australia.

We have found over the years that if you provide good service and back up support to your customers, this builds good long term relationships. These relationships are what we are pride ourselves on and many of our customers have later become personal friends. At Koala Home Improvements, you will be treated as a person, not a number, with old fashioned customer service and we will do everything we can to assist with any enquiries you have.


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