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Payment Information


During the checkout process on www.koalahomeimprovements.com.au we offer two methods of payment which is PAYPAL and DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT. 

By Koala Home Improvements Australia utilising the PayPal payment method we are protecting ourselves and you the consumer of any malpractice and providing the easiest and universal payment system on the internet today which can utilise funds from your PayPal account, via a credit card or linked bank account. A variety of bank cards can be used with PayPal.

By utilising PayPal, you are thereby agreeing to be bound by Koala Home Improvements’s Terms and Conditions as well as being bound by PayPal’s Terms and Conditions.

Please read the following terms and agreements for PayPal.

Please read and follow the Links.

User Agreement

How To Use PayPal

Direct Deposit:  Please Return Remittance advice transaction to koalahomeimprovements


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