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Create a Kitchen WKMAP 500

Create-a-Kitchen (WKMAP-500)


Create a Designed Timber Canada Maple Kitchen

This beautiful maple finished Custom made Kitchen would enhance any home with the natural elegant look coated with a clear texture finish to trap and protect the maple wood kitchen. The natural appearance highlights the glass shelves and doors to add a touch of class to your new custom made Kitchen. German engineering sets a high standard in kitchen design. As there is much beauty in the maple wood you only need pastel colours and texture in the Kitchen bench tops to give a strong natural affect. Now is the time to plan your dream kitchen .we can help you plan and design your kitchen that works for you .Help is just a phone call away. We can arrange delivery Melbourne to Adelaide and in between .So have your kitchen custom made to work for you. Flat packed ready to install.
All handles, draw runners and hinges come with your purchase are imported from Italy.
This photo image may not expose the true colours of the Kitchen
Step one
Draw out the measurement of the room where you intend to install your kitchen. Measure across and along the walls. DYI or your Builder may help if you are not sure. You can download a piece of graph paper and measure your project out .We recommend to again check your measurement and write it on the graph paper .or Go to the Link on the home page. Draw up your kitchen.

We will work with you and Help design your floor plan.

We are here to help along the way call us.

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