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Plastic Composites

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Composite Timber Bollards, Posts and Rails 

Koala Home Improvements stocks a wide range of composite timber bollards, posts and rails which are suitable for a wide variety of uses. Our plastic timber has now been used in many applications including park seats and benches, fencing, railings and pegolas. As you can imagine from such a wide range of uses, there are many different styles and lengths to choose from.

You can see the difference between the older wooden seat and the newer plastic composite seat.
Old Composite Seat Composite Seat

Primary Features

  • Six standard colours with custom colours available on request
  • UV stabilised to a high standard to limit fading.
  • No white ant problems
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Built to withstand high traffic
  • Available with a timber grain finish
  • Solid or hollow products available
  • Built from enviromentally friendly safe recycled plastic
  • Easy to install and work with
  • 20 year limited warranty

All of our composite plastic bollards, rails and posts are available in a range of thicknesses making them all suitable for any number of projects, from installing garden edging to repairing that outdoor picnic set. The only problem you will have is deciding on a design!

Local Government and commercial enquiries welcome.


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Here Are Some Examples Of What Our plastic Composites Can Be Used For

Composite Material Building Examples
Plastic Composite Garden Edging
Plastic Composite Park Bench
Plastic Composite Park Bench
Plastic Composite Park Bench
Plastic Composite Council Table and Chairs
Plastic Composite Council Table and Chairs
Plastic Composite Fence
Plastic Composite
Plastic Composite Building Materials
Plastic Composite Building Materials
Plastic Composite Garden Gazebo
Plastic Composite Outdoor Entertainment Area


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