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Marine Grade Plastic Composites

Here at Koala Home Improvements we can supply, design and construct piers, wharves and jetties for local governments, marinas and privarte moorings. Our quality products are designed to withstand envirnmental impacts from the weather and have a structual lifespan of approximately 40 years. These products are made of a composite structure, which includes pre-stressed stainless steel cables for added flexability and strength. All beams are UV stabalized to reduce fading and are insect proof. The product also has a very high quality finish, and comes in navy blue or black as standard with other colours available on request.

Square Beam Cross SectionMarine Grade Plastic Composite Beams

Here is an example of cross sections from a square beam and round bollard, highlighting the steel cables running through and the quality finish of the product.

These beams are suitable for any number of applications, including but not limited to the construction of posts and rails, are able to be fully submerged in both fresh and salt water and can be drilled and bolted without damaging the structual integrity of the product. They come in a number of lengths and sizes and we are able to cater for custom designs / projects.



Here Are Some Examples Of What Our Marine Grade Plastics Can Be Used For:

Marine Grade Products

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